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Fifa 21

FIFA 21 is officially launching on October 6th. The players who already have preordered the champions edition or the ultimate edition will get access to the full game three days before it is released worldwide on October 9th.
It seems like this year’s installment is the most anticipated one in recent years. It is because the release date is later than the usual late September dates of the past, as well as EA-Sport’s decision. To not release, a demo version.

FIFA 21 Official Gameplay trailer

What to expect with FIFA 21

Players who are still playing the career mode can finally rejoice this year, as the EA-Sport has finally made changes to the game mode to improve it. EA-Sport has brought in a new and improved way to simulate matches, which allows players to jump in and out of fixtures to change the outcome if desired.

Other addition to FIFA 21’s career mode will be updated contracts, including the addition of loan to buy options. FIFA fans have been begging to see for years, and many had given up on ever seeing it. This addition makes the process of buying and selling players a lot more realistic.

A few new gameplay styles being added to the game. There will be a new attacking system, adding more control on players positioning, agile dribbling, creative runs, and competitor mode also updated. This gives a better understanding of players’ strategies for AI in the game.

FIFA 20’s Volta game modes updated version is included as well in the game. It is going to feature celebrity avatars and new attire added to it, along with fresh new destinations.

FIFA 21 will come with all new icons added to the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, including the likes of Fernando Torres, Eric Cantona, Nemanja Vidic, Ashley Cole, and Ferenc Puskas.

This year Kylian Mbappe has been Announced As FIFA 21 Cover Star.

Kylian Mbappe as FIFA 21 Cover star
Kylian Mbappe FIFA 21 Cover star

What Drawbacks Should We Expect?

Even though we do get new features and gameplay updates, but FIFA 21 still isn’t the complete addition that fans have been asking for over the years. The Player’s overall system still has not changed much, with the overalls of top players staying around the same. Only a few young stars have made a huge jump to enter the list of the highest player ratings in the game.
Another big thing missing from this year’s FIFA is the absence of two of the largest and most popular clubs in Italy. FIFA has confirmed that Juventus F.C. would not be included in this year’s edition as well, with A.S Roma’s omission having been announced earlier this summer.
This means that their club’s kits, badges, and stadiums won’t be featured in the game. It is because of the clubs’ licensing agreement with other companies. The Player’s likeness will still be in the game but for the die-hard fans of Italian football, this could be a game-changer.

Our opinion

Although some features are missing, still there’s a lot of new addition in the game. New gameplay features new tactics, and many more features are added in the game. It is going to be an awesome game.
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