PUBG Season 8 is coming to an end and, it’s time to look ahead to PUBG Season 9. This season We’ll bring a new dynamic map and two new battle passes to keep you enticed!
This Season looks a little different than the typical PUBG offering and the season will only last for two months. It will be split into two separate season passes that are linked to two big updates happening soon.

In PUBG Season 9, when you purchase the pass, you will gain access to earn exclusive rewards. PUBG Season 9 Pass will be dedicated to the rich culture and aesthetic of Paramo.
However, this pass has been modified for the shortened season. The second pass will be available with Update 9.2 and will be focused on an infamous PUBG character.
We expect it to cost £7.49 like previous seasons, and levels will be available to be bought separately.

PUBG Season 9 New Map Paramo

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The biggest part of Season 9 is the brand new map, Paramo. This is one of the most complex PUBG maps so far, even if it’s one of the smallest.
This is because Paramo has the most dynamic map features so far. Sure, there have been weather changes on other PUBG maps, but Paramo is the first map that will change from match to match.
Paramo is situated around a volcanic eruption – this will probably mean landscape changes every match, bringing a fresh approach to every time you drop.
The map also features a Helicopter rather than a plane, both to drop players over the map and to deliver supply packages. What’s different this time around? You can just shoot down the Helicopter if you want the package on your head.
Paramo is also the perfect setting for the season-long event and special game mode being introduced for Season 9.
It’s great that PUBG is trying to introduce more lore into the game – it makes for a good gameplay experience, especially with the spooky month of October in full swing.

The map features a Helicopter

The last major change to Season 9 of PUBG is the fact the season is split into two season passes. With the launch of Season 9 and Update 9.1, the classic type of season pass will be available.
This only lasts for two months before Update 9.2 and the introduction of a new pass. The first pass is focused on the new map whereas the second pass focuses on an iconic PUBG character.

Othe UI updates.

  • The New emote volume control slider has been added.
  • Now you can control the volume of emotes separately from gameplay volume.
  • The Karakin map image used in Match history section has been updated.
  • The UI in Observing Mode is now optimized to provide more clear visibility.

Bug Fixed


  • Issue where players could cancel the reload animation of M249 to reduce the reload time is fixed.


  • Issue where the player’s damage in match history and match report page was shown differently is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where unrelated system messages displayed when players spent a certain amount of time at the out game screen such as a lobby, customize screen is fixed.
  • Fixed a typo in the loading screen of the Training Map is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where changing the volume of Gameplay / UI / Music in Settings – Audio tab does not apply in real-time is fixed.

Skins & Items

  • Issue where the character’s appearance could distort when equipping the Madsy Utility Belt with some other clothing items is fixed.
  • Issue where the wrong item was being displayed when previewing Jockey Boots with a male character is fixed.


  • Issue where a player’s number could be mismatched with the one displayed on the observer player list is fixed.
  • Issue where M16’s iron sight could block the player’s ADS view when attaching scopes is fixed.
  • Issue where an observer’s right mouse button could be disabled when using the hide UI function is fixed.
  • Issue where players could receive the incorrect penalty pop-ups when trying to leave the match after spectating the killer is fixed.

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