The wait for the Watch Dogs: Legion is finally over. The Games is about to release, You’ll be able to download the game ahead of its digital launch. Pre-load of Watch Dogs: Legion started and the game is going to launch on October 29.
The download size of the game is expected to be 40.4 GB on PC, 37 GB on Xbox One, and 33 GB on PS4. You’ll be able to start downloading the digital version from this week’s days may vary as per the platform. Pre-downloading starts on October 26 for PC and October 27 for PS4. On Xbox One you can start pre-downloading right now.

Watch Dogs: Legion trailer

About Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion is an action and adventure game developed by Ubisoft. It is the third part of the Watch Dogs series and also the sequel to Watch Dogs 2. The game is set within an open world, a fictionalized representation of London, and it is going to feature the ability to control multiple characters that can be recruited across the game’s setting and who can be permanently lost during a playthrough if players have the permadeath option enabled, providing a more dynamic influence on the game’s narrative. The game is also going to feature a multiplayer mode with which you will be able to play with up to four players.

The story of the game mainly focuses on the group of hackers in London of DedSec, as they attempt to liberate the city from its dystopian surveillance state by recruiting allies from London’s inhabitants. The group also focuses on investigating a string of terrorist attacks they were framed for, and who orchestrated them, discovering a deep conspiracy centered around the head of a private military company.

Watch dogs legion
Watch dog legion

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