Lenovo ThinkBook Plus
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus has been launched as a dual-screen laptop with an innovative e-Ink cover display. The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus was first reviled in January 2020. Lenovo ThinkBook Plus has a 10.8-inch e-Ink display on top of the lid, along with a 13.3-inch full-HD main display.
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus is a Windows 10 laptop with a 13.30-inch display that has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Powered by an Intel Core processor and it comes with 8GB of RAM. The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus comes with 256GB of SSD storage.
Connectivity options include Bluetooth and it comes with 3 USB ports (2 x USB 3.0 (Type A), 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type C)), HDMI Port, Headphone and Mic Combo Jack ports.
As of 24th September 2020, the laptop is available for purchase in India, the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus price in India starts at Rs. 1,12,690.

ModelThinkBook Plus
Operating systemWindows 10 Professional
ProcessorIntel Core
Resolution1920×1080 pixels
Dimensions217.00 x 308.00 x 17.40 mm
Battery Capacity10 hours
Weight1.40 kg
Touch Screenyes
Web Camerayes
Internal Micyes
Finger Print Sensoryes
Speakers2 Speakers
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus touch screen
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus touch screen

Our Opinion On Lenovo ThinkBook Plus

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus is now available to purchase in India. It cost around Rs. 1,12,690. It’s an awesome laptop with both side touch screen display of size 13.3- inch main display and 10.8-inch second display. At this price range, it’s a real good laptop and good specifications. If you looking for a cool Laptop and not a gaming laptop, it is the one you can try real good specifications and two touch display what else you want.
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