Microsoft Surface Duo
Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft’s Microsoft Surface Duo is something different from any other devices you have used. It is not a phone or a small tablet, but it’s a combination of both.

When it’s closed, there are no screens or cameras. In design and look, it’s like a small book, a digital version of the notebook we carry around in our pocket. When you open it, you get two screens side by side. And like a notebook, it feels more natural to hold than a phone’s vertical slab shape. You hold it in your hand with the two sides angled toward you like a book.

In truth, there’s nothing the Surface Duo can do that you can’t do on your current smartphone or tablet. Your smartphone may take better photos, and your tablet doesn’t have a gap in the middle of it. What makes it different is that the way you do things on it is unique.

Microsoft surface duo size
Microsoft surface duo size

Microsoft surface duo starting price of $1,399. Given its capabilities relative to other phones, it is not worth that price. If you want a smartphone with such a high price, you can go for something else as it is not a complete smartphone. If you, looking for a device for professional work or multitasking, you can go for this Microsoft Surface Duo.

ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 855 
Storage and memory6GB DRAM
128GB or 256GB
Battery Capacity3577mAh
Camera11MP f/2.0
SIMOne eSIM and one Nano SIM
Dual Accelerometer
Dual Gyroscope
Dual Magnetometer
Dual Ambient Light Sensor
Proximity Sensor
Hall Sensor
Fingerprint Sensor
What’s in the box
Surface Duo
Surface Duo Bumper (Color: Glacier)
Surface Duo USB-C® Power Supply (18w)
Quick Start Guide
Warranty and Compliance Guide
SIM Ejector tool
Microsoft surface duo accessories
Microsoft surface duo accessories 1

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